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Help! My Daughter Wants to Become a Bollywood Heroine

Dear Wacky Saki, I inadvertently clicked on a link about a rare UFO’s sighting of Shahnaz Husain sans makeup and got redirected to your blog page. As dumdum as some of your psychological underpinnings are, you are the cheapest labor … Continue reading

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Our Closet Love Affair with Ryan Gosling and Emma Watson

Let’s face it. Romancing these two actors is, at best, a mere figment of our imagination. Granted not all of us are infatuated by them, yet there is no doubt that both are heralded as the mainstream crushes of our generation. … Continue reading

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The F Word: Misused Expletive or Molded Euphemism?

It is a word that often scares away men and makes the women activists seem like men bashers without a soul. It may be misused as an expletive to undermine the strength of women (femi-nazi) or molded into a euphemism … Continue reading

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