A Deliciously Easy Ice-cream Recipe That Will Make You Go Bananas!

This message has been approved by the Adorable Minion foundation.

  • Do you have a sweet tooth?
  • Are you afraid of overdosing on ice-cream calories after watching [insert sentimental soap opera] which somehow mimics your own love life, or lack thereof?

No worries.

This 100% natural ice-cream recipe will satiate your cravings and keep you in good shape. Trust me, I’m vegan.


The recipe is so simple, even a three-fingered minion can make it. Even more so because the key ingredient is their all-time favorite fruit – a banana.

So, are you ready to make some potassium enriched nutritious dessert in 3 easy steps?

[This is the only time when it’s acceptable to respond with “K.”]

Step 1: Chop up a banana and place it in your freezer overnight


Step 2: Blend the frozen banana slices into a cold and creamy mixture

(Optional : Add a small glass of coconut milk for even more yummy in the tummy. I use the Organic, Unsweetened, Non-GMO Coconut Milk from Whole Foods Market. As the name suggests, it is “So Delicious” and might I add, so good for all vegans and/or lactose intolerants out there. You can also buy the coconut milk ice-cream from the same brand.)

image (1)image (2)

p.s. I am not lactose intolerant but I have my reservations with the dairy industry and the cruel practices of torturing cows, separating the baby calves from their mothers and injecting the bodies of adult cows with so many hormones (manufactured by Mosanto) that all the secretions of pus and other carcinogenic chemicals from their udders end up in the milk we drink.

Stay informed with PETA link below.


Eliminating diary from my diet has made a positive impact in my body and mind. For a comprehensive understanding about milk and related health concerns today, do take a minute to read this :


Step 3: Your ice-cream is ready!

No need to add sugar. The natural sweetness of the banana is captured right into the dessert. The more bananas you add, the more creamy it becomes. Scoop some into a bowl and make sure to thank Mother Nature for this tasty invention that thankfully, has not been patented by big pharma or any big GMO laden food company.

image (4)image (3)

I added some fresh blueberries and dark chocolate covered almonds (Organic ‘Confectious’ brand from Whole Foods) to my ice-cream. If you blend the chocolate into the mixture, you get a nice nutty flavor.

The whole process took less time than making a bowl of Maggi.

Hope you all try this at home and have a yummy summer!

p.s. I’m not trying to be a one-person army to save the environment. We all know that our choices determine industry demand which drives the way companies treat our environment and animals. I was foolish to have been unaware about the ills of our meat and dairy industry for too long.

Drinking milk and eating meat is an acquired taste. Replacing them with soy, coconut, lentils, beans, etc. and many other healthy alternatives that protect our animals are all a form of acquired tastes as well. If you are a Ron Swanson inspired meat enthusiast, then please keep your Batman moustache to yourself. For everyone else — don’t let the cruelty against animals remain a status quo.

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