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The Shadow Poet

She took a glance at the featured artist column of the daily newspaper and was happy to see a new poem published that day. The Boy Who Cried… My office chair cannot compare to the comfort of my mother’s lap, … Continue reading

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Debunking Myths about Relinquishing Dietary Meat/Turning into Sauropods

Sauropod is the name accorded to the largest animals to have ever walked on earth based on evidence of good fossil remains. Meet Supersaurus, a genus (taxonomic rank) of sauropods. And here’s another interesting fact that makes Supersaurus and the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips to Make a Hit Movie in Bollywood

Before I reveal the hit phormulas in the year that marks 100 years of Indian cinema, let me first take you on a journey to the magical land of Bollywood on my flying carpet. White folks, just for the record … Continue reading

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