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Top 10 Things You MUST Know About The World NOW

1) Making fanatical lists to attract people’s attention is a serious violation of an individual’s free time. Now excuse me while I go watch one hour of cat videos and make a 2 min noodle meal. 2) Syria seriously twerk … Continue reading

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Some Pearls of Wisdom In Honor of World Peace Day

To achieve true peace in the world, we all have to first be at peace with ourselves. And the foundation of that peace rests on our mental equilibrium. For those of us facing real world problems such as food and … Continue reading

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Chapter One – The Lady at Trinity Church

Hatches discovered a neat little opportunity to bug her sister by singing the lyrics to her favorite candy commercial. It’s a JUICY, fine treat with oh so many pops that tickles and tickles your tongue like it’s never gonna stop! … Continue reading

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Men and The City

Each big city of the world is unique in its own telling ways. To declare one city as the best is just as opinionated as saying that you love a particular ice-cream flavor over another. Rankings come and go and … Continue reading

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A Personal Comparison of Two of the World’s Largest and Oldest Democracies

One country was discovered by a lost traveler who accorded the natives with a title originating from a subcontinent nation in the opposite hemisphere. Fast forwarding from the Native American genocide and ousting of the British rule, it took America … Continue reading

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