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The Golden Memories

Carmin wrapped her scarf around her bare neck. She took a quick peek inside her purse and was relieved to see the yellow piece of paper serving as a bookmark between the pages of a novel she had long forgotten … Continue reading

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Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma & Special Guest – Kangana Ranaut

Kapil Sharma is the antidote to all those depressing soaps and serials where the plot twists are more complex than dissecting Ekta Kapoor’s brain to reveal dark matter. The man’s comedic timing is close, if not, at par with Govinda. … Continue reading

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Movie Review: BA Pass – The “Bachelor Abused” who fails to “Pass” the Treacherous Exam of City Life

When you hear the term “B.A. Pass”, you think of a graduate who has limited to zero prospects in the professional job market. Heck, with my meager 84.6385% in XII board examinations (it pays to be precise to the umpteen … Continue reading

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The Power of Saying “No”

In our effort to be likeable/popular/easy-going, we may forget that we have the powerful choice to say “No” if we are not interested. Let me demonstrate some hypothetical situations, with a touch of wacky saki humor. Perhaps you have experienced … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Gravity and Why You Should Gravitate to the Nearest Theater to Watch It

The difficulty in breathing, the excruciating pains in different parts of the body, the changes in body temperature and heartbeat, the wheeziness, nausea and fear of what is going to happen in the next minute were all brilliantly portrayed by … Continue reading

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A Satirical Take on the Origins of Motherf***** and Bhench**

There was probably a time when words like Stupid, Idiot, and their Hindi equivalent Ghonchu, were highly derogatory and people would take great offense to them. Now, their usage has become as commonplace as saying Hola, Kem Cho and Namaste. Though, I must add … Continue reading

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