Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma & Special Guest – Kangana Ranaut

Kapil Sharma is the antidote to all those depressing soaps and serials where the plot twists are more complex than dissecting Ekta Kapoor’s brain to reveal dark matter. The man’s comedic timing is close, if not, at par with Govinda. This is certainly a rare gift for very few actors have been successful in reviving Govinda’s unabashed style of comedy in cinema today.

With his new show, Kapil Sharma is India’s best answer to the likes of Jay Leno and David Letterman. In fact, ever since his late night show was launched, I have become more excited about weekends. Perhaps that is also because I spend most weekends hibernating in my cave of a room in anticipation of his new episodes. The show’s ensemble cast can tickle the funny bone of any individual — from the crazy Dadi to an unmarried but youthful-at-heart Bua, a sarcastic servant, a wife with few dialogues, and last but not least, two ardent female friends in the form of Gutthi and Palak.


The fact that most of the female characters are actually men in disguise makes the storyline even more hilarious, not to the mention the trademark dance moves of Dadi and Gutthi.

One aspect of the show that always makes me laugh my buttocks off is when Kapil allows the audience members to Q&A the guest celebrity. He takes a playful poke at the audience members (age, gender, weight, height and horniness no bar) and jokes about himself in the process which is essentially what makes him so lovable. Sidhu Paa Jee laughs like a drugged hyena  in the background which is no different than Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment whereby Sidhu Jee starts chuckling (salivating) even before Kapil completes his sentence.

Kapil: “Welcome to Comedy Nights with me!”


Kapil: “I didn’t maaro any joke Paa Jee.”

Sidhu: HOHOHAHAHEHEHE Thoko Thoko Thoko!!

His laughter is sort of an acquired taste, like the case of most alcoholic beverages, which duly taste like crap in the beginning but the more you consume it, the easier it is to tolerate.

Every few minutes, we get to hear a short poem by the turbaned man himself.

Log kehte hain ki hum apni hasi se Gabar ki neend uda dete hain,

Log kehte hain ki hum apni hasi se Gabar ki neend uda dete hain,

Par logon ko kya pata ki hum apni hasi se apni biwi ko bagha dete hain.

Audience motions to CLAP.


Has anyone else noticed the wise placement of beautiful ladies behind Sidhu Paa Jee in every show? This obviously lends to some eye candy each time the camera focuses on him.

Speaking of beautiful ladies, Kapil recently invited a special guest by the name of Kangana Ranaut. She is best known from her National Award winning performance in Fashion and her epic model strut, which by the way, cannot be matched by any actress or model till date.

For a woman who has been heavily criticized for her small town background, her pahadi accent, her poor grasp of English and physical appearance, she has taken all of those negative comments in her stride and transformed into a well-respected Bollywood actress today. As a Himachali, I am especially proud of her journey from Himachal Pradesh to the heights of the world’s biggest movie industry. Her graceful presence, her maturity and her success as a Bollywood actor is an inspiring trajectory for all those who hope to scale her heights. Another Himachali actress who is equally noteworthy is Preity Zinta. She was the only witness to testify and not retract her statement in court despite death threats from the Indian mafia and consequently received the Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Award.

To get a glimpse of Kangana’s humility and beauty all in one frame, here is a recent interview that has gone viral on social networks. She talks about female empowerment, the need to manage finances in any occupation, finding a companion and related topics that affect us all. You can connect to her sensitive words and realize that we are no different from her in her insecurities and troubles in life.

Sidhu Jee seemed to fall head over heels in love with Kangana which was visible in the way he increased the frequency of his love-dovey poetry recitation to her. I can’t blame him. The woman is successful, intelligent and glowing! With gay marriage now legal in my state, I may even propose to Kangana myself.

Even on the show, Kangana is her true and honest self. As Kapil tries to flirt with her, she has her own set of hilarious repartees.

In short, this was one my most favorite episodes from the show till date.

Catch it a glimpse of it on Youtube below if you missed it 🙂

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2 Responses to Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma & Special Guest – Kangana Ranaut

  1. Roxi says:

    What an inspiring, honest and luminous woman! I so enjoyed her interviews! now, I just need to get a hold on some of her movies 😉

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