The Constancy of Male Horniness and Female Drama

Some things in life stay constant such as George Clooney’s attractiveness and Baa’s age from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (Oh c’mon, I know every living Indian adult was forced to watch that show because of their moms.)

Some things in life are not as predictable, such as the record breaking response to Psy’s Gangnam style or the magnitude of porn in Enrique Iglesias music videos (directly proportional to the amount of whining infused into his singing.)

Scientifically, we can assume quite a number of variables and constants in our world but biologically, one thing is for certain- male horniness and female drama. The former is a prerequisite to continue the propagation of our species. The latter is a byproduct of carrying that aforementioned species in our wombs.

This is not to say that men aren’t dramatic or women don’t show their arousal.

Watching my fair share of football games and male cricketers signaling the umpires for a wicket are testimony to the existence of men’s drama.

Though women may not be as direct in indicating their interest, they are no different than men in experiencing their own levels of attraction to another individual. However, women have the advantage of masking that attraction better than men who can’t help getting tight in their pants 😀

(To understand the authentic ways in which women may signal that they are attracted to you, please refer to : Five Signs that a Woman Likes You.)

For any couple seeking long-term commitment, major concerns revolve around notions of fidelity and emotional stability, which stem from the aforementioned factors of horniness and drama. Mutual compatibility depends on the sound understanding of those factors.

So let us dig a bit deeper into the origins of male horniness and female drama.

Men have nearly twice the brain capacity for sex oriented thoughts and functions than women which is why men are assumed to think far more often about sex (though Sunny Leone would beg to differ). Women, on the other hand, have greater processing power for emotion oriented thoughts and functions,which is why we become easily fixated on the meaning of certain facial expressions or use non-verbal clues, when direct communication can easily compensate to avoid miscommunication.

Consider these differences through the hilarious translations below.

Men- As far a woman’s catch words and non-verbal clues are concerned, please equip yourself with these definitions and add them to your dictionary for life 🙂

Now let us look at the reverse situation.

Speaking from experience, men gossip just as much as women. Some of my past male colleagues would confide in me about issues with other co-workers and the drama that may ensue. Of course, this is a kind of outlet that any stressed being at work has experienced in some shape or form. Many times, the men would gossip about their girlfriends or exes or old school mates and I would feel that they were more vocal than my own girl friends. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

I have come to learn that it is important not to suffocate ourselves in set preconceived notions about gender traits. Men are depicted as simpletons whereas women are difficult to understand in all measures, right from our anatomy to our means of communication. This is obviously not true. The extent of simplicity in actions and words varies from time and occasion.

Heck, a simple punctuation or pause can change the entire course of a meaningful sentence.

Take the popular example below.

A woman without her man is nothing.

From a man’s perspective: A woman, without her man, is nothing.

From a woman’s perspective:  A woman: without her, man is nothing.

Regardless of how you punctuate that statement, I will conclude by saying that while the biological constants of horniness and drama are both true and relevant in both genders, we are not wholly ruled by them either. To suggest that men are insensitive and are absent-mindedly driven by animalistic tendencies is just as harmful as downplaying the psychological depth of female empathy and desires.

“Boys will be Boys”


Freedom to be a woman


We are certainly NOT fated to act in some inexplicable, determinstic way and it is fair to say that our emotions and feelings of attraction surely overlap between the two genders. So let us keep our biological differences in mind and unite on the front of respecting each other 🙂  

p.s. This blog post is an extension of an older post of mine– “George Carlin: Men are Stupid & Women are Crazy.” Do give it a read if you like.

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