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3 Reasons Why it is Difficult to Date an Indian Woman

Note: This blog is written as an inspiration from the response of an anonymous Indian woman to a similar question on Quora. I have taken a slightly different approach to her brilliant take on societal taboo of dating in India, slut … Continue reading

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When He(art)break Imitates Life

Allergy warning: This blog post is not safe for the lactose intolerants for it has been penned down with quite a bit of cheesiness. Of all the perils in life, the pain endured in love can be the most tremendous. … Continue reading

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Everything But Time

Isabella was born in a wealthy estate located in a town of residents with similarly comfortable assets. Her mother did not survive childbirth and her father became more occupied with the liabilities his assets produced than devoting himself to his … Continue reading

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Baby, are you down, down, down?

As our English discourse continues to evolve with unpleasant additions of words like ‘selfie’ and ‘twerking’, we have also adopted a few words as a euphemism for other less pleasant experiences- for example, the routine of a woman’s menstrual cycle. … Continue reading

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The Lesser Evil: Disease of the Mind or the Body?

On the hospital bed lay a man who was in the final stages of a ravaging physical ailment that stealthily took germ inside his body and multiplied at the expense of his healthy cells. In close vicinity to that bed … Continue reading

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Extinguishing the Final Flame

He could guess her words before they left her lips and she could sense his emotions under the cloak of his outwardly strength. Hitherto had either experienced such a rare connection with any other soul. An overwhelming sense of respect … Continue reading

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My First Crush

In 10th grade, I met my first and only high school crush. He was thin, about my height, and (stud)ious enough to embody his own brand of a much sought after spy. “The name is Con. Lexicon.  I like my brain tonic, … Continue reading

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