The Lesser Evil: Disease of the Mind or the Body?

On the hospital bed lay a man who was in the final stages of a ravaging physical ailment that stealthily took germ inside his body and multiplied at the expense of his healthy cells.

In close vicinity to that bed slept his devoted wife, ravaged by depression that germinated from prolonged abuse and evolved at the expense of her healthy self-esteem.

For years, the man released his anger on his wife, the wife took it out on her herself. She was at the end of the anger chain, for depression is nothing but anger turned inward.

Nearing death, he hoped to stay alive; she, a living corpse, harbored no hope to feel lively.

His weight declined as his disease progressed; she was diseased by the burdening weight of the thoughts of her own decline.

Over the course of his treatments, his body had become frail; her body had not departed much from her small stature.

They punctured his skin with injections and medicinal doses to alleviate the side-effects from a previous toxic drug; she punctured her mind with negative thoughts in a similarly vicious cycle.

Their child observed them over time, a debilitating sight from afar.

He wondered what may be the worse of the two- disease of the mind or the body?

It is hard to say, for he knew that both the mind and the body are interlinked in ways we cannot put down on paper.

After much deliberation, he chose the former, for the body can certainly heed the mind but the mind has the luxury to conjure what it pleases. Bodily death may provide the necessary deliverance but the subconscious mind can envelop you in a state far from it.

Tame the mind and it can be your best friend. Remove the reins, and it may very well become your worst enemy.

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