When He(art)break Imitates Life

Allergy warning: This blog post is not safe for the lactose intolerants for it has been penned down with quite a bit of cheesiness.

Of all the perils in life, the pain endured in love can be the most tremendous.

Need proof?

Watch this short science clip that demonstrates how a loss in love can be as painful as a physical blow to the body.

Those of us who have survived a heartbreak, whether it be in romance or beyond that context to extend to any form of a loving relationship, will resonate with that statement.

Those of us who have closed the shutters of our heart and masked it with cynicism, hate, and anger may be limiting ourselves from experiencing the most beautiful experience that life has to offer. Of course, to love again after a heartbreak is not a task for the faint-hearted. It requires a great deal of continuous self-healing.

With or without closure, practicing forgiveness can be one of the most healing ways to mend the heart because the primary recipient of any anger or hate is yourself.

The act of forgiving yourself and the person, in question, is a personal endeavor and it needs time to set its roots in your heart, but releasing yourself from the the burden of undeserving hurt is indeed empowering.

Speaking of heartbreak and healing, I’m sure a Bollywood/ Hollywood/ Tollywood/ Jollywood movie may have charmed us to the extent that we believed that the said form of art mimicked our own reality.

Perhaps, it is the story of 500 days of Summer where you resonate with Tom’s character of being led on by a girl you deeply loved, only to be rejected in the end. On the bright side, you used that experience as impetus to drop your fears and change the course of your destiny, which you previously never had the courage to do.

Perhaps, yours is the story of beautiful Nandini who chose the devoted Vanraj over Sameer, after truly understanding the meaning of unconditional love from Vanraj’s character that Sameer failed to espouse in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Or perhaps, you became empowered by the carefree attitude of Geet to realize how foolish it is, in retrospect, to wait for a man who does not merit your love, with the help of a kind friend in Aditya in Jab We Met.

In all these cases, one need not be that specific gender to empathize with the character for even a woman may relate to Tom or a man may relate to Geet, by virtue of common experiences. That is precisely the beauty of genius filmmaking and talent of directors and actors who can so realistically exploit such emotions from their audience.

We can all agree that the details of anyone’s love life are not pertinent to anyone, except the ones in love themselves, and airing one’s drama in public can only exacerbate the need to projectile vomit.

Dedicating an odd song or two to someone we love is a harmless form of affection that we are, in all probability, guilty of. Even then, such a dedication can become injurious to health for a romantic melody churning on the radio may surface the face of someone special to mind, without so much so as an invitation. Or you may be so heartbroken that you devote hours shedding tears in the memories of the past with a playlist of glum tunes in the background.

While this concept of art imitating life can open old wounds, it can also inspire us to close them and move forward with the strength of a victorious soldier, and absorb lessons that no school can impart within the four walls of a classroom.

Be courageous (and vulnerable) enough to open your heart again because I guarantee you that filmmakers will create new masterpieces and legendary artists like AR Rahman will come up with new compositions that you can safely dedicate to your loved ones. Heck, you may even create your own masterpieces. And when all that happens, I sincerely hope that such love will last you a lifetime.

With a final string of cheesiness, I will now dedicate a new gem from the maestro himself to all my readers – Maahi Ve. The beauty of Rahman is that his music may be fitting for a beloved on earth but it can awaken all your senses to become spiritually sublime. Enjoy!

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One Response to When He(art)break Imitates Life

  1. What Art Thou, some kind of telepath , i so much relate to this that , I feel thou hast read my mind , kudos

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