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The Better Advisor: Heart or Mind?

In the heart v/s mind match, is safe to say that there isn’t a clear-cut winner and in most circumstances, one can only strive to balance the two decision making capabilities that govern our existential experience. One usually associates the … Continue reading

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Nine Signs You Are Still Fresh Off The Desi Boat

When I was a student in New Delhi, I came across several folks in my high school who spoke in accents from countries that are yet to be created, all in the effort to sound “cool.” Like many other private … Continue reading

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Five Ordinary Situations a Woman Feels Unsafe & Ways to Combat Them

It is no surprise when an individual fears a threat to his or her own life during a natural calamity or a man-made war. However, the objective of this post is to relay some ordinary life examples where a woman … Continue reading

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Movie Review: All Hail the “Queen” – Kangana Ranaut

Are you tired of leaving your brain at home when you visit the cinema hall? Is your faith in good art lost when you are only relegated to watch absurd scripts saddled with overused cliches? Do you feel you deserve … Continue reading

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‘Half the Sky’ : Nine Reasons Why It is a Must-Read for All

I have read my fair share of fiction and non-fiction but never have I read a book that has uplifted me so much to do my part in changing what is our present day world’s most tragic humanitarian crisis – … Continue reading

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