The Humorous Side-effects of Screwed Up Sex Ratios in India

Equitable balance in population and power between both genders is critical to a progressive nation.

Of course this a grave issue that merits serious attention but I want to shed light on other issues that arise from such a scenario (in a humorous context).

Below are five of the less talked about side-effects of having sex ratios in favor of men in present day Indian society. Enjoy!

1. Men pretending to be women on social networks to woo other men

This is prime case of a brother helping another brother. There is enough desperation for female attention to go around. You friend ship?

funny 1

2. South Asian women having an inbox full of hilarious messages

a) My favorite chat of all time.

funny chat

b) My favorite message of all time.

Translation of text: My elementary school English class was worthless. He had me at “restrain myself.”

creeps facebook

c) I wish I could remember you….unknown man with Tom Cruise profile picture. Also, I’m so proud of myself to get that one “Heya sis” message. My feminist posts have come to good use.

funny 2

3. Men dressing up as women on TV

Kapil Sharma’s comedy show is entertaining yet it can become predictable for the same puns, most of which revolve around some man dressed as a woman. Seriously, this scarcity of women has deeply hit the entertainment bijiness.

There is also an affectionate yet drunkard dadi, who is actually a man in real life played by actor Ali Asgar. As Dadi, Ali has single-handedly kissed almost all the famous men of India. Big salute to you sir for your contributions to male populace because many women sure as hell wouldn’t want to suffer such a fate.

Of course, some men don’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation as seen below.

4. Men dressing up as heroines to romance men in movies

What’s worse than comical looking men failing to tickle our funny bone? Comical men dressing up as women to tickle our funny bone.

See the images below at your own risk.

The one on the left is inspired from Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The one in the middle is Akhilesh Yadav’s doppleganger.

The one on the right is Genelia D’souza.

That’s more cleavage than I can ever aspire for. 

5. Last but not least, men dancing with hoards of other men in Bollywood songs

Akshay Kumar : “Hey guys, did you see a woman anywhere that I lecherously whistle at, being my signature on-screen move?” 

Sallu bhai : “Thana main baithe kare duty, bajaye haye pandeyjee seeti.”

If you didn’t get the “seeti” innuedo, Salman Bhai is demonstrating the art of masturbation to other frustrated policemen. What a benevolent social service! FAP FAP FAP

Let us all do our part in restoring the sex ratio and get rid of the aforementioned social ills. 

Ok tata.

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2 Responses to The Humorous Side-effects of Screwed Up Sex Ratios in India

  1. Reema says:

    “What kind of chat you want to have? Papdi or rajkachori?” You’re awesome minion :-*

  2. Roxi says:

    Oh my goodness, Sakshi? :))))))))))))) poor guys – I knew they had it coming from the moment I saw that you replied to them 🙂

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