Five Signs that a Guy Likes You

Please note that if you are even remotely similar in appearance to a Sunny Leone, or have the flair of an Emma Watson, you probably don’t need this list. For us lesser (endowed) humans, here are some pointers:-

1) He wants to get close to you

Phil Dunphy shows you how.

1) He wants to see you happy

He will appreciate your sense of humor, no matter how full of corn your jokes may be.

It is difficult to say if he is really laughing behind all his “haha”s and “lol”s but it is safe to assume it is out of pity. LOL 

3) He is genuinely excited about the prospect of being with you

Just don’t crap your pants Swanson.

4) He is willing to dedicate his time to do things you like

Here is Exhibit A of a man who passed out from mall overdose.

Other examples include watching sappy love stories like “The Fault in our Stars” with you (as you sacrifice your time watching sequel after sequel of Transformers with him.)

5) He will put in extra effort to impress you

The longer you watch this guy, the more you realize how much your own eyebrows are out of shape.

But in all seriousness, if he truly loves you, he will stay by your side till the end, through the good times and the bad 🙂


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6 Responses to Five Signs that a Guy Likes You

  1. Roxi says:

    Loved it! :)))))) true, though! 😉

  2. Will it be same other way around? 🙂

  3. all dat drama?? hmmm…….. insightful indeed, especially the link you posted above! 😀 haha

  4. madhmama says:

    Hahahaha that picture of the guy sleeping with the shopping bag is gold! 😀

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