The “Heated” Dispute of Prakriti’s Abuse

In air-conditioned conference rooms with exorbitantly priced bottled water, they discoursed on the veracity of violation of a woman named Prakriti.
Revered as a goddess in only myths; she is an epitome of Shakti.

The judge upheld his duty to hear both sides but he knew which side he leaned.
Her skin was black with soot; the smoke hurled on her face from their oil guzzling machines.

Her hair was chopped off and sold in the market.
She was stripped bare without relent and abused in day or darkness.

They had made markings all over her body and held themselves as heirs to each piece.
Her children were enslaved in factories, tested in laboratories, and treated as mere commodities.


With such overwhelming evidence, they continued to debate.
Few showed support towards her.
Majority of the perpetrators remained blind to their actions for love unites less than hate.

They said she was to blame.
Why didn’t Prakriti say No?
Why did she bewitch us with her beauty and skin show?

Mankind has bodily desires, they said.
She was exploited to serve present needs; so what if we forsake the future of our children?
They did a service by letting her live and did justice to their egotistic brethren.

But we oft forget one thing – Prakriti needs no one.
We need her to exist.
She will continue to evolve without us.
To think we can progress without her; we are deeply amiss.

“Like rivers, we women when we keep to our banks give nourishment with all that we have, and when we overflow them, we destroy with all that we are.”

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