A Few Good (Reasons to Love) Men

I don’t say this emphatically enough – I love men.

I love them for their unique perspectives, fun-loving nature, protective instincts, and the overall balance they provide to estrogen-filled half of the world. Sure, there are crappy men and women out there but loving and respectful men are just as sacred and important to our world as women.

Below, I wanted to share some stories of folks around the world that will make you love them much the same. (Source: Quora)

The Love of a Brother for his Sister

quora brother

The Love of a Son for his Father and (Vice-Versa)

quora son

The Love of a Son for His Mother

quora man mom

The Love of a Grandson for his Grandma

grandson quora

The Love of a Little Boy to Help an Old Man Grieve

boy cry quora

And lastly, my favorite — the love of a man for a woman

The gentle vulnerability conveyed in this few words is, perhaps, the most masculine trait I can find in a man.

FullSizeRender (1)

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