Conversations between an Agnostic and a Saint

Heaven and Hell are prime real estate
For the minds fixated on the good and evil click-bait
The do-gooder dreams of a golden staircase
The evil-doer is threatened with torture in merciless flames
Why then do some sinners prevail while the holy perish?
Yours is a hypothesis of false incentives

Leave aside those notions of keeping Satan at bay
Mother Teresa herself proclaimed — it is between you and God

It was never between you and them anyway

Think of Karma, our spiritual friend
She has no beginning and no end
And our Kismat dwells firmly within
She accumulates with our every deed, good and bad
This hypothesis can explain every experience we’ve had

But how can you explain the Delhi gangrape?
That a woman had to suffer such a fate because her past karma was marred with mistakes?Or the many souls sold into modern slavery; why couldn’t they be saved?
Death is inevitable but how can your so-called God allow acts so inhumane?

The Lord may ask us the same question
Why have we allowed such acts of lesions?
For inhumanity is incongruous with our human nature
Loving, alone, is our finest feature

Your God may keep a register of our every move
But when you witness a loved one fighting a battle they are about to lose
You, too, will be bitter at the thought of some Savior who has the power to choose

My friend, your vision is more blurred by tragedies than miracles
Your pain is merited but don’t let your mind be so fickle

You are free to doubt as I am to believe

We falter in cycles of hurt and glee
In all those fronts, my faith has been even
I still bow in gratitude for all I’ve been given
My faith is my sustenance to live; for you, I accept this delusion

Some days I ponder over this,
The Saint and the Agnostic are both parts of the contradiction I am willing to live with.

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3 Responses to Conversations between an Agnostic and a Saint

  1. Thought provoking conversation.

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