I Now Understand

I am what I am; pardonably human
Born not to man-made constraints, but to a time and place in the Universe
I am what I am; a proud woman
Born to realize Whitman’s humanitarian hope that we shall all “contribute a verse”

“Swades” did nothing to sway my Indian heart that had “strayed” to foreign waters
For I was never loyal to this land or that land,
but to Mother Nature and the gifts of her sons and daughters

I love my motherland and I’m shaped by the scarcity with which she raised me
But when I witnessed the tenants that continue to pollute her with blackened hearts and money,
I now understand why my father left his home country

I love my new mother who adopted me in all her abundance
But when I witnessed her profound aloofness and poor social mobility
I now understand why I need to retrace the steps of my own journey 

I forgot that some of the kin I left behind are, at times, better than foes
They appreciate your losses and applaud your woes
If an Indian girl is so fortunate, she may grow up to be a woman
But the shrewd society will find the means to blame and restrain her every movement
I now understand why I must dedicate my time to make improvements

My father was the first in his family to achieve a Masters and made all his American living in white
Yet God took him in spite,
Whilst his counterparts back home mastered their gains in black,
And are thriving despite

But I don’t understand this,
Is the world all black and white?
Or are the colors just out of sight?

Blurry are the lines that ascertain what is wrong or right

Alas, with every lasting breath, I shall fight
I now understand that I must see the world in a new light


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3 Responses to I Now Understand

  1. Really enjoyed the journey and insight of this poem.

  2. Roxi says:

    Oh, how beautiful, Sakshi!!! 🙂

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