Sakshi-isms for the Soul

For the heart-broken and hopeful, despondent and delighted, here are some of my Sakshi-isms for every soul. (My vegetarian version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” 🙂 )


It is no surprise when people tell you that “timing is everything.”

You might meet someone who may be unsuitable for you at one point in your life, but wonderful in another. Perhaps they have matured to meet your needs, or you have matured enough to appreciate their presence.

On the contrary, you may have to let go of some folks who were once in your closest circle. And you may find yourself adding new ones who reveal your best and truest potential, but they didn’t seem so pleasant at the time.

Each one plays their part. The best way to recognize these people and their significance in different times of your life is to hone into your intuitive, gut feeling.

Meditate to block out the noise and hone into your inner voice.


“Ache logon ke saath acha hi hota hai” (good things happen to good people) is one of the most wretched lies told in the universe.

Be mentally prepared to realize that some of the most terrible tragedies may take place on the most benevolent of humans, and the some of greatest fortunes may be bestowed on others who do not deserve so.

(A hawk waiting for a child to slowly perish from malnutrition)

Life is just one big examination.

There are no mystic angels or demons in the world. We become that person in someone else’s life, including our own.

It is not that karma is too slow to act, but that we collectively  progress or regress. Those that persevere ahead; those that serve as angels despite their sufferings, have made it through 🙂
Now, in order to become those angels, we must first help ourselves, and for that, we need our health.


Folks that live longer than a century are often quoted about their health habits so as to gauge into what we should do we ours to lead a long and healthy life.

Some of these centenarians have been regular smokers, ate fried foods, and even lived sedentary lifestyles. How is it that they still maintained such longevity?

cent smoker

Most of it is due to the possession of extraordinary genes that helps them ward off the major killers of 21st century (cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, diabetes etc.)

The rest of it depends on factors that may or may not be in our control.

For example, we have the power to improve our genetic makeup by virtue of healthy diet and exercise that not only benefits our current life but improves the chances for our offspring.

We also have the responsibility of cleaning up our environments to make it habitable for ourselves and future generations.
However, the hidden toxins around us and destined circumstances are factors we can’t always avoid.

Now, a more beguiling question is – would you really want to live that long? Even when all who’ve known and loved have passed before you?

This brings me to death.


Every possible psychological fear culminates into a fear of death.

Afraid of snakes? Because they may poison you with their venom, or wrap around you to suffocate you like their prey.

Afraid of heights? Because you may fall to your death.

Afraid of your mother-in-law?

You get the point 😉

Embracing the universal fact of our impending deaths is a necessary acceptance to live. Fearing death implies never having lived in that moment. While it is important to maintain one’s willpower to live, embracing the notion of death helps us grieve for those we loved and lost.

We are participants in a cycle of birth and death.

We breathe the same air, we poop the same crap, fart the same gas, pick out the same nose boogers, etc.

And with time, we all meet the same end.


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