Dignity in Death

There is dignity in death,
in a mother’s sacrifices or a countryman’s valor
It is an end that binds us all,
for even in our very last breath,
It is only nature we honor

But death is rarely presented such
For a destiny so certain
We are riddled with fear,
and this living becomes so often, a burden to bear

Many are seeking asylum from some disease
And those who choose to end their lives must be too coward to leave
Myriad stories spoken with bewilderment of someone’s demise
“What a pity! How can this be?!”

Myths are abound of what shall happen next
Reincarnated as that leaf, or rotting in some helluva mess
It is quite the mystery, so extraordinarily dissected for ages in history

That old man’s life is not so imminent
Age is just another detractor
Wealth shall never be more significant
Than a kind man’s love and a child’s laughter

Accept death as another phenomenon
And the next leg as an exciting chapter
Then see how your world changes
Of life, one grows so much fonder


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One Response to Dignity in Death

  1. Surbhi says:

    Death is the only reality and the ones who accept it learn a valuable lesson…. Life life… Everyday…. On your terms… YOLO

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