Befikre is So Bakwaas, I Dare You to Watch It

befikre.pngMy husband and I met in French class, and decided to watch Befikre, assuming this movie would transport us to scenic Paris. 
It did, except in the more cringeworthy way possible.

Several couples left the theater at interval itself. We stayed put, thinking Aditya Chopra can’t commit this level of injustice.  

If there is ever a human embodiment of a sperm, it is Ranveer Singh. This embodiment transcends from his reel life portrayal onto his real life antics as well. Vaani Kapoor has nailed the la langue francais, but the movie focuses so heavily on her kissing, than actually speaking any significant lines.

It’s amazing how Ranveer, who is shown winning a chicken wings eating competition, starts swaying to Nashe Si Chadh Gayi in the next frame. Because anaar dana churana! He’s from Karol Bagh, so he occasionally does Pairi Pauna with Vaani’s parents in Paris, who by the way, look as dumbfounded throughout the film as we did.

Vaani is French by birth and that is the only explanation for the way she is — disoriented and keenly attracted to the Karol Bagh cartoon. In the end scene, she has a brief, perhaps the only, heart-to-heart moment with her mother. The scene is captured with Vaani cooking a parantha in Picardy (dafuq!), re-emphasizing that Yash Raj films have some weird fascination with the dish (recall “gobhi ke paranthas” in Mujhse Dosti Karoge).

My favorite part of the movie is when there is a seductive dance-off between the lead pair, under the guise of the “sangeet” night at a beautiful chateaux in Picardy. These two actors continue their charade of Ishq Shava type grinding, which would be okay, except their respective (to-be) spouses, one an investment banker and the other a blonde chick, are happily clapping and wooing them on. Are you effin serious? Sure, Parisians may ooze romance from their elysees, but c’mon, they aren’t numb to other human emotions.  

The movie is so banal, so absurd, so utterly atrocious, that it makes you want to say sorry to all those watching the movie with you. The 2nd worst film I’ve had the courage to see, since Love Story 2050.

A moment of silence of for all those who suffered. Be-ware.

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2 Responses to Befikre is So Bakwaas, I Dare You to Watch It

  1. dvs2rockin says:

    I agree to your point that that movie is bakwaas but then I guess the director had successfully conveyed through a people entertainer , fan service movie , that after all the burdens we carrry to.make our decision for our job , for our life and for live sake , nothing falls in place as it should , most of which is because we don’t understand ourselves and what we feel and that some decision should be made in a ‘befikre’ mode without worrying about consequences.

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