Sakshi Sharma

Thank you for visiting kismatandkarma.


The best way to describe myself is e^x.

You may differentiate me with your sight. I won’t integrate to anyone’s type. You can do what you like. In the end, I will always be e^x.

By virtue of our human origins, I am African. By virtue of my inherited ties to my great-grandfather, who was born in present day Lahore and died in 1947 partition riots, I am Pakistani. By virtue of my birth, I am Indian. By virtue of my passport, I am American. But who am I really? I am every race, every religion, every nationality, every man-made condition. In essence, I am a daughter of my mother earth and her temporary resident.

I “heart earth” is the anagram of my life.

Karma is my chariot, summum bonum my sky.

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Caveat lector:

Reading this blog may not be suitable for everyone. Consult your conscience today if this blog is right for you.

Common side-effects include gas, bloating, constipation, laughter and broadening the horizon of your mind. Apart from the last two, please check what you ate last night. While surfing old posts, you may be exposed to ideation. Based on a survey of 52 candidates, 51 reported that this blog made them think (No one asked why the Joker was so serious).

Some reviews of this blog from people you may know- alive, dead and omnipresent.

A University student: “Reading this blog just freakinnn blowssss my mind. Or maybe, it’s the weed talking.”

Albert Einstein: “I derived the theory of relativity after reading this blog.”

God: “I really want to read this blog but idiotic humans don’t let me have any vacation days.”


6 Responses to Sakshi Sharma

  1. Hello, please send me your email add. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic verses in here, look forward to devouring more

  3. Shruti says:

    Hi Sakshi

    My name is Shruti Kapoor, I am the founder of Sayfty. Wanted to talk to you about your blog. Enjoyed reading. Few pieces and was wondering if you do a guest piece for Sayfty’s blog?

    Could you please get in touch with me at


  4. Amit says:

    fresh writing between nice explanation of karma and daring too

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