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Dignity in Death

There is dignity in death, in a mother’s sacrifices or a countryman’s valor It is an end that binds us all, for even in our very last breath, It is only nature we honor But death is rarely presented such … Continue reading

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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Gautama Buddha is no stranger to us. His famed words of enlightenment are thrown around social networks with varying hashtags and spelling mistakes. In fact, the very title of this post is a prime Buddha quote and also a prime … Continue reading

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A Frail Leaf

A frail leaf in the bosom of the lush metropolis, So far in the eyes of thy own, we have been flawless. Can you hear the crying wind? Oh so mischievously engulfed by the hush-hush sounds of a newborn’s voices, … Continue reading

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The Sexiest Thing You Can Do to Impress a Woman

In this age of competing dating apps to find love, it is evident that the efforts invested in wooing a mate have been on the decline. Case in point:– Quick Lovin’ Many working class folks do not have the time … Continue reading

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A Few Good (Reasons to Love) Men

I don’t say this emphatically enough – I love men. I love them for their unique perspectives, fun-loving nature, protective instincts, and the overall balance they provide to estrogen-filled half of the world. Sure, there are crappy men and women … Continue reading

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The Un-Pavitra Rishta of Condoms and Pads – India’s Need for Better Sex Ed

Ekta Kapoor should make a new serial titled – Un-Pavitra Rishta and place condoms and pads as its main protagonists. Whilst the former is used for an act of intimacy still viewed as “indecent”, the other is needed as part of a … Continue reading

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Baby, are you down, down, down?

As our English discourse continues to evolve with unpleasant additions of words like ‘selfie’ and ‘twerking’, we have also adopted a few words as a euphemism for other less pleasant experiences- for example, the routine of a woman’s menstrual cycle. … Continue reading

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