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Some Humorous Confessions of a Newly Made Indian Mother

When we are young, we are invariably asked what we would like to become when we grow up. Responses can range anywhere from Musk inspired engineer to Chawla inspired astronaut. My hubby, I presume, responded with  – “I want to … Continue reading

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Befikre is So Bakwaas, I Dare You to Watch It

My husband and I met in French class, and decided to watch Befikre, assuming this movie would transport us to scenic Paris.  It did, except in the more cringeworthy way possible. Several couples left the theater at interval itself. We … Continue reading

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Reflections of a Married Indian Woman

One of the primary benefits of getting married, I suppose, is appeasing the doubts of all relatives about whether or not you intend to die alone. They are satisfied in knowing that you will also bear the same tribulations in … Continue reading

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My First Time Watching Porn

Caveat Lector: This post contains content for mature audiences with a tadka of humor. If you are uncomfortable reading this, I recommend hiding in a cave where there is no wifi. If there is one thing that makes us all … Continue reading

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The “Funny” Thing About Men and Women in Comedy

At some point in my sober life, I aspired to be a stand-up comedian. It was around the same time Russell Peters got famous and I realized there is an audience for hairy Indians on-stage. With decent exposure to Delhi … Continue reading

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The Sexiest Thing You Can Do to Impress a Woman

In this age of competing dating apps to find love, it is evident that the efforts invested in wooing a mate have been on the decline. Case in point:– Quick Lovin’ Many working class folks do not have the time … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Wait to Get Married

The greatest concern Indian society can have for a woman, from the onset of her embryonic development, is her marriage. The mere mention of the “m” word is like as an impending threat to enjoy your life before relatives bid you … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Woo any Women

1. Build a monument for her We all know about the wondrous Taj Mahal, a historic monument of love and romance. Shah Jahan built the Mahal in memory of his beloved Mumtaz, who so lovingly gave him 14 children. If I … Continue reading

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Five Signs that a Guy Likes You

Please note that if you are even remotely similar in appearance to a Sunny Leone, or have the flair of an Emma Watson, you probably don’t need this list. For us lesser (endowed) humans, here are some pointers:- 1) He … Continue reading

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Help! My Son Wants to Become a Bollywood Hero

Dear Wacky Saki, My son recently discovered that Uday Chopra is dating Nargis Fakhri and he went into mild depression. As much as that fact may be grossly unfair for other Indian men, he couldn’t help realize the immense benefits … Continue reading

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