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Havan & Heavan

Bhatt Uncle had eaten more than his share of pooris for breakfast and his wife’s anaar daana pills did little to contain his flatulence. Seema Aunty expelled her own fuel of criticisms about the choice of clothing of the others … Continue reading

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A Frail Leaf

A frail leaf in the bosom of the lush metropolis, So far in the eyes of thy own, we have been flawless. Can you hear the crying wind? Oh so mischievously engulfed by the hush-hush sounds of a newborn’s voices, … Continue reading

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Conversations between an Agnostic and a Saint

Agnostic:- Heaven and Hell are prime real estate For the minds fixated on the good and evil click-bait The do-gooder dreams of a golden staircase The evil-doer is threatened with torture in merciless flames Why then do some sinners prevail … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Superhero Mom

This past week, I had an early meeting for which I had to leave my place by 7am. My mom is usually up by 6am but I let her know in advance that I would not have time for breakfast. When … Continue reading

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The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

The hit Pharrell track still has all of us jamming to his tune. But how many of us are truly happy? Can you name one individual who is happy at every instance of time? Surely, we all have experienced this euphoric … Continue reading

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The Better Advisor: Heart or Mind?

In the heart v/s mind match, is safe to say that there isn’t a clear-cut winner and in most circumstances, one can only strive to balance the two decision making capabilities that govern our existential experience. One usually associates the … Continue reading

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Can You Truly Love Someone Unconditionally?

I have been baffled by this question for ages and wished to address it at some point in my life. My moment of clarity emerged when I chanced to visit another meditation class in the Brahmi Kumari center in the City. … Continue reading

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What is Love? – The Amazing Insight of a Buddhist Monk

Although I cannot, alone, address such a universally challenging question of “What is Love?”, I can present some wondrous insights from Buddhism into the understanding of such an empowering yet vulnerable emotion. Some suggest love is purely chemical secretions playing … Continue reading

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Some Pearls of Wisdom In Honor of World Peace Day

To achieve true peace in the world, we all have to first be at peace with ourselves. And the foundation of that peace rests on our mental equilibrium. For those of us facing real world problems such as food and … Continue reading

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