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Sakshi-isms for the Soul

For the heart-broken and hopeful, despondent and delighted, here are some of my Sakshi-isms for every soul. (My vegetarian version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” 🙂 ) Time It is no surprise when people tell you that “timing is … Continue reading

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I Now Understand

I am what I am; pardonably human Born not to man-made constraints, but to a time and place in the Universe I am what I am; a proud woman Born to realize Whitman’s humanitarian hope that we shall all “contribute … Continue reading

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My Jump Rope

It has not been an easy two months. There are tremendous responsibilities my brother and I have had to adopt in the absence of my father. It, sort of, comes as part of the contract of growing up.  Providing the … Continue reading

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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Gautama Buddha is no stranger to us. His famed words of enlightenment are thrown around social networks with varying hashtags and spelling mistakes. In fact, the very title of this post is a prime Buddha quote and also a prime … Continue reading

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A Frail Leaf

A frail leaf in the bosom of the lush metropolis, So far in the eyes of thy own, we have been flawless. Can you hear the crying wind? Oh so mischievously engulfed by the hush-hush sounds of a newborn’s voices, … Continue reading

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The Sexiest Thing You Can Do to Impress a Woman

In this age of competing dating apps to find love, it is evident that the efforts invested in wooing a mate have been on the decline. Case in point:– Quick Lovin’ Many working class folks do not have the time … Continue reading

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Conversations between an Agnostic and a Saint

Agnostic:- Heaven and Hell are prime real estate For the minds fixated on the good and evil click-bait The do-gooder dreams of a golden staircase The evil-doer is threatened with torture in merciless flames Why then do some sinners prevail … Continue reading

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Let Go of your Wrongs and Just Write

Writing is not as methodical as science, nor does it produce universally proof-based results as math but it is integral to both. Courses on writing can help to improve the structure and strength of a prose, but the ultimate inspiration … Continue reading

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A Few Good (Reasons to Love) Men

I don’t say this emphatically enough – I love men. I love them for their unique perspectives, fun-loving nature, protective instincts, and the overall balance they provide to estrogen-filled half of the world. Sure, there are crappy men and women … Continue reading

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“Thank You” for the Insult

I had my epiphany about braving insults when I visited India over the winter break in 2010. During my junior year of college, I had gained some weight and developed blemishes on my face owing to a poor diet. Today, … Continue reading

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