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My Lovely Lady Lumps

It was not love at first sight. Even after many sights, no love ever materialized between Sukanya and Mahesh. When he was hospitalized for a minor surgery of his heart, Sukanya tended to his needs with affection. Still, his mended … Continue reading

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The Forgiveness Project

It is a region consistently ranked high on happiness indexes, boasting of year long summers, and a lifestyle that would paralyze the East Coast in its calmness. That such a place could house any patients to treat unhappiness would be … Continue reading

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Adversity, Lived (with) Strength – ALS

His phone was flashing with a new message. A distant friend needed urgent blood donation at a nearby hospital. Arun dialed his number that instant and rushed over to aid the patient. The friend folded his hands in deep gratitude; … Continue reading

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Famed and Framed

Bound by the perplexing language of law that a layman would fail to grasp, Sarah Goldman was contractually booked with appointments for the forthcoming year. Her phone had plenty unread mails and missed calls from more folks hoping to book … Continue reading

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Her First and Last Love

She had begun to love every little detail about the world. The piled up folders in her tiny cubicle; the weight of her company laptop that hung over her shoulder like Coleridge’s dead albatross, a reminder of the work to … Continue reading

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World’s No. 1 Place to Travel

Suraj was browsing through the headlines in his news app when he found another article ranking top tourist destinations around the world. He felt some solace in having visited 4 out of the 10, yet he couldn’t digest stacking one … Continue reading

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Everything But Time

Isabella was born in a wealthy estate located in a town of residents with similarly comfortable assets. Her mother did not survive childbirth and her father became more occupied with the liabilities his assets produced than devoting himself to his … Continue reading

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