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The Number Nine

Kismat was born a month early, as if she was in a hurry to accomplish all the things she had set out to do. Her mother, Sita, was just visiting the clinic for a regular checkup when the nurse told … Continue reading

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Emergency Contact

Today, at the age of 26, I have spent exactly 13 years in either country that so remarkably define my identity – India and US. My accents for either land still change at the drop of a hat, depending on … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Superhero Mom

This past week, I had an early meeting for which I had to leave my place by 7am. My mom is usually up by 6am but I let her know in advance that I would not have time for breakfast. When … Continue reading

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The Forgiveness Project

It is a region consistently ranked high on happiness indexes, boasting of year long summers, and a lifestyle that would paralyze the East Coast in its calmness. That such a place could house any patients to treat unhappiness would be … Continue reading

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Seven Significant Ways that Life in India Differs from that in US

Perhaps you are hopeful to work and live in the States someday, thereby enhancing separation anxiety from your Indian maid and driver. Or you wish to move back to India, thereby depressing your immune system to withstand pollution in populous … Continue reading

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Men and The City

Each big city of the world is unique in its own telling ways. To declare one city as the best is just as opinionated as saying that you love a particular ice-cream flavor over another. Rankings come and go and … Continue reading

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A Personal Comparison of Two of the World’s Largest and Oldest Democracies

One country was discovered by a lost traveler who accorded the natives with a title originating from a subcontinent nation in the opposite hemisphere. Fast forwarding from the Native American genocide and ousting of the British rule, it took America … Continue reading

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It’s Not Always Sunny in Florida When You Stand Your Ground

Many an epidemics come and go but depravity still at large. Innocent till proven but guilty still as charged?  The blindfolded lady is heralded as the symbol for justice because justice is served based on the unbiased presentation of evidence, … Continue reading

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George Carlin – Men are Stupid Vs Women are Crazy

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Right. And dogs are from Pluto. I have a more straightforward analysis for you. If there is one adjective that is commonly used to describe the behavioral patterns that our respective genders … Continue reading

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The fruit that is mythified to keep doctors away, that plopped on Newton’s head with a force that he later postulated in his theory of gravity, that is a key component in pies, ciders, shakes and even styles of jeans … Continue reading

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