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Dignity in Death

There is dignity in death, in a mother’s sacrifices or a countryman’s valor It is an end that binds us all, for even in our very last breath, It is only nature we honor But death is rarely presented such … Continue reading

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How to Make a Delhi Man Fall in Love with You

1. Wearing Makeup that can Withstand Billions of Dust Particles Indian beauty companies have a whole range of products to lure women which are, in turn, promoted as means to lure men. Whilst it is good to be natural, it … Continue reading

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My Lovely Lady Lumps

It was not love at first sight. Even after many sights, no love ever materialized between Sukanya and Mahesh. When he was hospitalized for a minor surgery of his heart, Sukanya tended to his needs with affection. Still, his mended … Continue reading

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Famed and Framed

Bound by the perplexing language of law that a layman would fail to grasp, Sarah Goldman was contractually booked with appointments for the forthcoming year. Her phone had plenty unread mails and missed calls from more folks hoping to book … Continue reading

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George Carlin – Men are Stupid Vs Women are Crazy

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Right. And dogs are from Pluto. I have a more straightforward analysis for you. If there is one adjective that is commonly used to describe the behavioral patterns that our respective genders … Continue reading

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Bust vs Gluteus Maximus vs Brain: Pick one – The Fatty Mass where it’s needed the most

Our society has a sick obsession with ranking women on beauty. Men are targeted as well but it’s the women who most often fall under our glaring eyes and every pore of their cellular being is magnified. This is why … Continue reading

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