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The heart appears to have its own orchestra,like the beating of drums when it is hopelessly infatuated,or the melancholy of a violin when a lover moves away Even in solitude, there’s the airy notes of a flutethe toots of a … Continue reading

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Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki

Tens of firecrackers burst in haphazard intervals. Car alarms set off from the same dins, adding to the madness. Children’s faces are more lit up than the homes they live in and there are plenty sweets stocked up in fridges … Continue reading

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I Now Understand

I am what I am; pardonably human Born not to man-made constraints, but to a time and place in the Universe I am what I am; a proud woman Born to realize Whitman’s humanitarian hope that we shall all “contribute … Continue reading

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A Few Good (Reasons to Love) Men

I don’t say this emphatically enough – I love men. I love them for their unique perspectives, fun-loving nature, protective instincts, and the overall balance they provide to estrogen-filled half of the world. Sure, there are crappy men and women … Continue reading

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Her First and Last Love

She had begun to love every little detail about the world. The piled up folders in her tiny cubicle; the weight of her company laptop that hung over her shoulder like Coleridge’s dead albatross, a reminder of the work to … Continue reading

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The Better Advisor: Heart or Mind?

In the heart v/s mind match, is safe to say that there isn’t a clear-cut winner and in most circumstances, one can only strive to balance the two decision making capabilities that govern our existential experience. One usually associates the … Continue reading

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